I’m just annoyed I didn’t use this underfloor pipe the first time around

From: David Wadge [mailto:D***@ox**.co.uk]
Sent: 13 June 2013 22:13
To: info@westpointufh.co.uk
Subject: RE: Underfloor Pipe
I can thoroughly recommend the ‘Komfort’ PERT pipe supplied by WestPoint.
When I built the main part of my house I used PEX AL as this was the
‘standard’ – it was hard, it fought back and it took ages to get right.
When I came to extend the house Westpoint recommended PERT – one look at the
quality of the pipe reassured me that this was a quality, robust product but
the real surprise was when we came to lay the pipe – it was a joy to work
with! Curves, bends everything was easy – none of the normal fighting the
roll and the result was that we completed in half the time I had expected.
I’m just annoyed I didn’t use this the first time around.

David Wadge

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