Suspended Screed Floors

Komfort 350 SystemKomfort 350 Sheetkomfort 350


Komfort 350 System is where sheet steel flooring is fitted on top of wood floor joists, followed with laying of the underfloor heating pipes and the the liquid floor screed.

The steel sheets into across the length of the sheet by a unique dovetail joint and when fitted with screed becomes a structural floor. The sheet distances with joists up to 1.5m apart.

Often where low flow temperatures are used with wood floor boards, the performance from the underfloor heating can be significantly be reduced. The  Komfort 350 however this system works well with the low flow temperatures provided with heat pumps. It benefits from the little resistance to allow heat to transfer making it an excellent heat conduct with the steel sheet which spreading the heat sideways and the floor screed  conducting the heat upwards into the room.

Insulation should be fitted between the joists under the steel floor sheet and the liquid floor screed should be 50mm thick. The build height is approx 50mm.

Komfort 205 System

Komfort 205 Komfort 205 System is a biscuit screed system or often referred as a “Pug” system, where the pipe are stapled in position on the top of the insulation and a biscuit screed of laid on top of the insulation covering the heating pipes and finishing flush with the top of the joists which does not raise the floor height. The biscuit screed is usually 25 -30mm thick. The floor finish is usually wood.

Komfort 220 System

Komfort 220 The Komfort 220 system is where the pipes are stapled through into the floor board such as chipboard. First a vapour barrier must be laid directly on top of the floor boards with all joints sealed, then the pipes are fixed in position by using a Rider fixing staple afterwards the biscuit screed is poured to a depth of 25-30mm thick.

Battens are usually fitted at 400 and 600mm centres ready to accommodate the fixings for a finished wooden floor.

The build height is approx. 50mm for the biscuit screed and finished floor boards.