Suspended-Floor-lightweight underfloor heating

Komfort 110 System

Komfort 110 Plated

The Komfort 110 System is designed to be used with suspended joists or raised batten floors, where the aluminium diffusion plate is fitted directly on the top of floor joists at 400mm centres. Each plate is 1000 mm long and has two preformed groves at 200mm pipe centres in which to carry the heating pipe. Insulation should be fitted beneath the plate to reduced downward heat loss. The flooring is fixed as normal directly on to the plates to the joists.
The Komfort underfloor heating pipe is a European made 5 layer Oxygen Barrier pipe (integral barrier); it has a pressure specification of 90° Celsius 6 bar DIN 4721-4726 SKZ

Important points that should be considered:

  • It is important that the floor is moisture free before laying any floor covering.
  • If laying tiles, use a flexible tile adhesive. We recommend using engineered boards or laminate flooring.
  • Check the moisture content in all solid wood flooring; wood floor temperatures should be restricted to 27° Celsius to avoid any shrinking or warping.
  • Vinyl flooring adhesive should be suitable for temperatures above 29° Celsius, if laying carpet, please check the tog value of the carpet and underlay.
  •  We recommend a tog value of 1.5 or less.