Reliance Thermoguard UFH Control Pack

UFH Control Thermoguard Pack comprising of the UFH UPM3 pump with underfloor heating blending valve often called the Pump Station.

The underfloor heating will run at much lower temperatures in the region of 35 to 60°C, depending on the floor construction and the building. The Pump Station uses a Thermoguard blending valve this is the heart of an underfloor heating system.

The Thermomix valve blends colder water from the underfloor heating system return with hot water from the heat source to supply the correct temperature of water to the underfloor pipework within the floor.

This Pump Mixer Control Unit or Pump Station comprises of a A Rated (latest energy efficient pump) Grundfos UFH UPM3 Pump and a Genuine Reliance Thermoguard  Control Unit supersedes the Thermomix valve

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