Water Underfloor Heating

Water Underfloor heating is a popular and efficient way to heat a space. It involves the installation of underfloor heating pipes underneath the floor surface, providing a comfortable and even heat throughout the room. One type of underfloor heating system is the underfloor heating stapled system for screeding over. Browse our range of Water underfloor heating manifolds, control packs, systems and thermostats.


Our range of underfloor heating manifolds are high quality at good prices. We offer Komfort, Emmeti and Reliance manifolds.

Pump Control Packs

Our range of underfloor heating control packs again, they're high quality at good prices. We offer the UNIMIX, TM3-R, Thermoguard and the ESBE T4 control packs. We can also supply the Heat Pump models for some of these control packs. Contact us for more information.

Underfloor Heating Systems

We offer many types of underfloor heating systems / floor fixing components such as:
Screeded systems, stapled, tray floor panels and clip rail.
Suspended timber joist plated system, double groove, triple groove and fit from below plates of all different sizes.
Overlay systems so, we offer 2 different types of overlay systems. First one is our Komfort 18mm Dry Screed Gypsum Board designed for 10 or 12mm pipe and is perfect for tiling directly on top. Second system is the LoFlo LITE Panel which is 20mm floating floor panel which consists of a EPS 400 kpA grade insulation and then a 200-micron aluminium heat diffuser bonded to the insulation for and even heat spread.