Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric Underfloor heating is a popular and efficient way to heat a space. It involves the installation of heating elements underneath the floor surface, providing a comfortable and even heat throughout the room. One type of underfloor heating system is the underfloor heating mat. Browse our range of electric underfloor heating mats, loose lay cables, membranes and thermostats.

Electric Mats

Our range of electric underfloor heating mats are perfect for concrete and timber floors and you can tile straight on top meaning a minimal build up.

Membrane Cable

Membrane cable is to be installed with the decoupling membrane and is perfect for larger areas.

Decoupling Membrane

Decoupling membrane is perfect for larger areas and is installed with the membrane cable that we also supply.

Electric Thermostats

A range of of thermostats such as programmable, touchscreen & smart thermostats controlled via your mobile phone.