Systems with Renewable Energy Heat Sources

Our warm water underfloor heating systems are regularly used with Renewable Energy Systems like the geothermal heat where the heat is collect from the ground by using a Ground Source Heat Pump. And also with other renewable energy systems such as Air & Water Source Heat Pumps, Biomass and not forgetting the conventional heat sources such as gas, oil and even electric boilers.

We have several extra energy efficient underfloor heating systems using steel panels to which some are ultra thin water based floor heating system, which can give a faster warm up time than the conventional underfloor heating and also they can use very low flow temperatures, this makes it an ideal system for use with any Renewable Heat sources such as Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps, you can of course use the conventional boiler system.

These steel underfloor heating panels systems are used with our EcoStream10, EcoStream20 and the Komfort 350 systems.

The EcoStream 10 has a thin steel panel of only 10 mm, this together with the screed has a low build height with the screed being only 5 mm above the steel panel giving a total build height of only 15 mm.                                                                                                                           The EcoStream 20 can be more versatile for larger installations it has a 20 mm steel panel being on 10 mm higher giving a total build height of 25 mm.

These under floor systems are possible the quickest to warm up with university tests in Germany showing a response in less than 9 minutes from cold.With systems like this the underfloor heating is starting to respond in similar time to that of a radiator system, but offering you all of the underfloor heating benefits.

These systems have a low build height of only 15mm and going to 50mm (both dimensions include the floor screed).

These floors can also be structural floors with or without an underfloor heating system.