Room by Room

We understand that sometimes a full underfloor heating installation is not practical for everyone. Therefore we offer our customers the flexibility to install their underfloor heating system in one room at a time. This means that additional rooms can be added at a later date, one at a time, to the existing system. Therefore there will be less disruption to the running of the household and, of course, a reduced cost to the homeowner.


After spending a lot of money and effort on your new conservatory, don’t waste any money when it comes to heating this space. Convection heating is the most common form of heating used in conservatories – but it is unsightly, unhygienic, expensive to run and uses up valuable space. Conservatories are traditionally made of glass. Glass is a cold surface and convection heating is working twice as hard if not three times as hard to heat the room which such a span of cold surfaces. Convection heating is also not even, cold spots will become noticeable in the room and the heat is lost as it rises quickly. The heat from underfloor heating will stay at head height level and give an overall even warmth, that is very comfortable.

By having underfloor heating in your conservatory also means you have more of a choice of floor finish, tiles, stone, wood, carpets, coir etc. Your floor will never feel cold and the space will feel a part of the house in no time.

Our revolutionary underfloor heating packs have been specifically developed to tackle the issue of ‘ugly’ heating. With having a room by room option, this could be your first room, or your last and could also be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Enjoy your conservatory all year round – as it’s not just for the summer!