Floating Floors and Overlay Systems



Komfort Floating Floor Panels (1200mm x 600mm x 25mm are ideal for installations where a finished floor is required within a minimum time scale. The EPS 150 insulation panel has 150mm pipe centres pre grooved for 15 and 16 mm accommodate pipework
Eliminates the drying time from wet screed, making it a very fast system to install and means no waiting time before laying the wooden flooring such as engineered wooden flooring, tongue and groove floorboards, or 18mm chipboard.
The Komfort Floating Floor Panel system is suitable for individual homes to commercial premises.

The Floor panels are simply installed on to the existing floor, this can be either a solid concrete/ screed floor or a suitable wooden structurally sound floor of 18mm minimum thickness ( Chipboard, Floorboards or Plywood)

Komfort EPS panels are pre-routed in different patterns and are covered with high-tech aluminium foil. The foil distributes the heat evenly across the entire floor surface, the warm-up time is drastically reduced compared to traditional wet screed systems. the insulation panels are ready for your suitable wooden floor covering on top. Low tog value floor finishes should be used (please check with your flooring company).

The area of each panel is .72m², this pack covers an area of 7.2 m². Fitting a vapour barrier shouldn’t be necessary with these panels.

We don’t recommend Tiling directly on top of panels, where this is required please use our Fermacell Boards



Made in EuropeThe Komfort underfloor heating low profile floor system is the perfect solution for both renovation and new build projects. This Komfort Overlay system can be installed over the existing floor with a low build height of only 18 mm. When using these Komfort underfloor heating panels, the costly need to remove any existing floors is eliminated as the UFH Overlay panels can very simply fit on top of the existing floor. This pack consists of 7 boards 1.2 mtr. x .6 mtr.

The Komfort UFH Overlay panel offers the perfect answer for a wood or tile floor finish. The Overlay panel design contributes to an easier installation when using these floor finishes and furthermore, when using with a ceramic floor finish, an outstanding 99 watts / mtr² can be achieved (this will depend on floor finishes etc..)

The UFH panels can be used on ground and upper floors.

The Komfort UFH 18 mm Overlay panels are DFE (gypsum fibre) made from non flammable Fermacell Gypsum Fibreboard which offers top quality dry flooring elements (DFE), and will integrate with any existing heating system with 150 mm pipe centres for 12 mm pipe.

Approvals – European Technical Approval ETA-03/0050
                      eco-INSTITUT Tested Product:
                      Certificate no ID 0907 – 13701 – 001
                      Certificate no ID 0907 – 13701 – 002
                      Certificate no ID 0907 – 13701 – 003

Copies of these certificate are available upon request.

While some Overlay panels offer only one option of pipework layout, another benefit of the Komfort Overlay DFE Panel is the practicality of installation as it offers the user a choice of pipework design. In addition to this, a quicker installation can be achieved due to the superior design of the Komfort Overlay panels as the need for return panels is eliminated. This allows the 1200 mm x 600 mm universal panels and Komfort 12 mm 5 Layer PE-RT oxygen barrier pipe to be installed with greater ease, making it one of the most flexible Overlay fixing systems in the market.